Lake Maggiore at Aviares Nordic Roadshow 2020

We are thrilled to participate to the AVIAREPS NORDIC ROADSHOW "virtual" fair which will take place on the 11th and 12th of November 2020.  It will be an opportunity to present our tourist offer for the next 2021 season.

Lake Maggiore is pleased to announce its participation to the Aviareps Nordic Roadshow 2020 - tourism fair in Northern Europe that this year will be held in a virtual mode through an interactive 3D platform. Although Europe is facing the second pandemic wave, aware of the importance of not escaping the challenges of this difficult time but also in the perspective of a return to a normal routine, Lake Maggiore has decided to reschedule its fair agenda focusing on international virtual events able to offer innovative ways of promoting the tourist destination. At our virtual stand we expect to welcome over than 100 professionals working in the tourism sector and to present them the best of our “en plein air” tourism offer.

Sport, culture, wellness, food and wine are just some of the excellences and points of attraction of our territory. A very vast territory that touches 3 Italian provinces (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Novara and Varese) and also extends into Switzerland, up to Ticino. Set in a breathtaking landscape that sees a continuous alternation of mountains, lake basins, islands, valleys, castles, historical buildings and lush gardens, Lake Maggiore represents the ideal destination for those who love outdoor tourism, biking or hiking, between art and nature, to discover villages, parks and the many cultural landscapes and food and wine treasures of which the territory is pleasantly full.

At the core there are beauty and harmony in all their forms and expressions. A beauty that contributes to well-being, quality of life, authenticity of flavors. A destination that has been able to enchant great writers and artists and that still today seduces tourists from all over the world with its timeless charm. With the presence at Aviareps Nordic Roadshow 2020, Lake Maggiore continues its intense promotional activity as part of the Intereg AMALAKE project, focused on operators of the industry such as tour operators, journalists and editorial offices in countries located in Northern Europe, Germany and France. We therefore invite you to register for free at the link , to see our virtual stand, where you will be welcomed by our representatives and interact with them to discover all the opportunities and offers that the Lake Maggiore suggests for the next 2021 season.